Schools In BHPO 90210 Are Good! And Why This Is Important.

Why are we talking about schools instead of school districts? Because the Los Angeles School District is huge! And when we are looking for houses, we are looking for schools that are assigned to particular addresses in the Beverly Hills area. Why is it important? You might say, “Hey Irina, I don’t have children. Why should I worry about schools assigned to some property?” The thing is that everybody who has children is concerned about schools. They all want to have an option. Even if a child goes to private school, they all want to have an option to have a good public school available. Therefore, they all want to have a house with a good public school assigned to it. And if you are looking in Beverley Hills, everybody wants Beverly Hills School District. But we all know how expensive Beverly Hills School District houses are.

But not to worry. If you are in BHPO 90210, your schools are still above average. You saw the opening screen for this video. I took a random address from BHPO 90210. And you can see that public schools are above average and they’re assigned to the address. So you are well taken care of. Ask your realtor to check what schools are assigned to the property you are interested in. It may not be the deciding factor for you, but keep it in mind, schools are important.

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